Volunteering for the Interreg Project "Crea Centers"

My name is Eirini Kanioglou and I am from Kavala, Greece. This is my first experience with the IVY organization and currently, I have been in a project of the municipality of Kavala for almost three months.

So far, everything is going really well. I am very satisfied with my colleagues and the facilities of the Municipality.

Since day one, I learned a lot about the importance of cooperation among European organizations and how the interaction assists on meliorating the support on local communities.

The project I am volunteering at, is called “Crea Centers” and the main goal of it is to create five cultural centers in five countries, in order to host local artists and offer them useful knowledge and guidance for their career.

Through this project, I am able to clarify what European Solidarity means and how the local, national and international communities can benefit not only temporarily, but in a long-term way.

The best part of my experience so far, is that I have the opportunity to encounter new people, exchange opinions and learn new useful tips on how to offer more to my local community with a wider impact.

I am really looking forward to find out more about European Cohesion and assist as much as possible my local community.

Eirini Kanioglou, Interreg Project Partner at Municipality of Kavala for CREA CENTERS Interreg Project.

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