Volunteering for the Interreg ADRION Programme

Hello/Merhaba/Ciao! This is Emin, from Turkey. I am currently volunteering for the Interreg ADRION Programme as an Interreg Reporter. The office is in Bologna/Italy but due to the global outbreak, I work remotely. It is fun to compare weather in Bologna and in my hometown regularly, but it is definitely not fun to compare the architecture and urban planning :) I should visit Bologna at some point.

Is it all about financial support?

Most of the time, we focus on the financial aspect of the EU support, but there is more beyond. EU programs that empower communication, cooperation and collaboration between different nations are precious. I would have obstacles to get involved in such projects, cultural exchanges, intercultural atmosphere without the support of the EU programs as a Turkish citizen so I see the importance how they build stronger bonds across the continent and beyond.

What is the mission of the ADRION Programme?

The ADRION Programme supports regional development and cooperation through projects in the field of sustainable development, innovation, cultural heritage, sustainable transport, and capacity building in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. Yes, that is where the acronym ADRION comes from. ADRION projects operate in 4 EU (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia) and 4 Non-EU countries (Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania). North Macedonia is getting on the board as well in the new 2021-2027 IPA ADRION Programme.

Together we are stronger

Cooperation between EU and non-EU countries in the ADRION region (and elsewhere) is crucial for regional development. I believe Interreg projects are standing on an important position for the success of this mission. International cooperation is not the easiest thing for sure but there is one reality that together we are stronger and we can tackle social and economic issues by joint approaches.

What about my background?

I’m passionate with getting to know different cultures, cycling, hiking, camping, traveling. I grow up reading Atlases, history and geography books. I worked in different NGOs before and I want to continue my career in cooperation, development, social fields. I am also a postcard collector :)

There are migration stories from Greece, Albania, North Africa in my family tree so I feel truly Mediterranean that keeps me even more motivated at my IVY service for ADRION. My academic and professional background mostly concentrates on communications, project management, sustainable development, international cooperation so I feel like I landed somewhere that matched well with my background.

Back in 2013, I left my country for a small Adriatic town in Slovenia for Erasmus+ Study Exchange Program. It was Portoroz&Piran. It was beautiful there but it is such a small town that I thought I would never come across again, but it was a nice surprise to see that the social media cover picture of the Interreg ADRION Programme is a picture from this town (never say never).

How do I contribute to the Interreg ADRION?

My main responsibilities are contributing to the digital visibility of the Program and supporting the organization's events. It is important to disseminate the outcomes of the projects because people are tired of hearing problems; communicating solutions encourage people to be part of the solution. Learning about solutions influences the way we think, I believe we become more brave, more optimistic about the things we want to change. So I believe, it makes a domino effect. I am pretty sure the public interest in regional, local development will only grow bigger day by day.

If you want to follow ADRION on social media, we are active on Twitter and Linkedin. Check it out!



Emin Yigit Koyuncuoglu, IVY Reporter at the Interreg ADRION programme

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