Volunteering for regional development remotely? We can do it!

Hi everyone!

My name is Silvia and I am collaborating as an IVY volunteer in the CENTRALPARKS project at the Institute for Regional Development of Eurac Research in Bozen. Unfortunately, due to the measures to deal with COVID-19, teleworking became necessary again before my IVY experience began, so my collaboration on the project is done remotely.

The objective of CENTRALPARKS project is improving management capacities of Carpathian protected areas for the integration and harmonization of biodiversity protection and local socio-economic development. The project covers a large part of the territory of the Carpathian countries (Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic) and is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Program.

As graduate in cooperation and development with a specialization in European planning, my main mission is to contribute to the management and implementation of the project:

· Support in internal and external project communication activities.

· Supervision and internal coordination of a project work package (WPT2).

· Support in the activities of reporting and monitoring of project costs

· Support in scientific implementation activities involving the Lead Partner (Eurac Research)

Although this is not my first experience in a volunteer program, since I have already participated in the European Solidarity Corps in Croatia and the Universal Civil Service in Slovenia, it is the first one I am volunteering remotely with the rest of the team for the whole project period. Learning and experiencing the program from long-distance has been very different from the past and quite challenging but I am still glad to have got this opportunity, as I strong believe in the power of regional cooperation in Europe. I am well aware that this experience will be an important training ground for my future and my professional aspirations.

Last year in Slovenia I had the opportunity to collaborate on the Interreg Italy-Slovenia project "PRIMIS: multicultural journey between Italy and Slovenia through the prism of minorities", learning more about transnational cooperation and its importance for us young Europeans and the generations to come and I think it is very meaningful to work for it, trough IVY program. Given my education background and training experiences I have always been particularly interested in the EU regional policies and management of EU projects so I am truly grateful to the Interreg Volunteer Youth Programme for the opportunity to keep adding enriching experiences to my professional path.

Thank you! Grazie!

Silvia Bisconti, Interreg Project Partner at Centralparks project.

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