Turning my passion into my career!

Hello everyone! My name is Alina, I am a Master’s student at the Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble, and I am currently volunteering at the European Topic Centre of the University of Málaga (ETC-UMA) until July 2021.

Passionate about environmental conservation, I joined as an Interreg Project Partner the Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project led by ETC-UMA, which brings together researchers, managers, public authorities and environmental institutions in 15 thematic projects. The objective of this community is to foster an ecosystem based approach to nature conservation.

My volunteering work helps addressing particularly marine pollution, ecosystem-based management and wetlands in the Mediterranean by reporting on project meetings, assisting in communication and outreach, and helping produce contents and visuals for the projects publications and promotion through social media and the project’s website.

In this context, I created an Instagram account (@medbiodiversityprotection) to inform people about the work carried out by MBPC to protect biodiversity against marine pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. We want to increase understanding, knowledge, and awareness. So, make sure you follow our journey and you spread the word!

At the moment I am also actively helping in the organisation of the workshop “Mediterranean Solutions towards Zero Pollution Impacts on Biodiversity and Health” which will take place on 4 June, as part of the EU Green Week. Our workshop is opened to everyone! You have until 1st May to register through this link: bit.ly/EUGWZeroPollution. This is something I am very excited about and a fantastic opportunity to learn about solutions from a wide range of experts across Europe.

My experience as an IVY volunteer has been very rewarding thus far. I am learning about the importance of European cooperation to preserve our ecosystems and make meaningful change. I believe this is an excellent starting point to my future career in international project management and I couldn’t recommend it more!

Alina Vera, Interreg Project Parner at the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project

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