The treasures of being an IVY Volunteer FAME ROAD and my home town of Egion: Experiences to remember

A few years ago, I started being interested in volunteering activities. Then I got to learn about ERFC and the project FAME ROAD and realized how interesting it could be to see your home town with “European Eyes” !!!

The project FAME ROAD – Programme INTERREG - GREECE-ITALY: The project aims at testing and adjusting a valorization model, starting from a previous best practice, applied in Apulia. The model aims at providing local stakeholders with competence, networking capability, sustainable strategies and tools to conserve and protect natural and cultural territorial assets and, at the same time, promoting and developing economic and touristic activities based on the same assets. The FAME model (Food, Art, Movement, Energy), however, will offer to the local territories an occasion to develop as a community capable to create networks and partnerships and to increase the capabilities to create local business opportunity.

My home town Aegialia:

Aigialeia is a municipality and a former province in the eastern part of the Achaea regional unit, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town Aigio. the main city of Aigialeia. The dazzling jewel of the Corinthian Gulf. A city that seems to have stopped in time. A port that seems to have come from another era. Without exaggeration, there is a pervasive magic surrounding this place. Strolling down at the old harbor, memories and nostalgia of a bygone era will overwhelm you.

Walking through the narrow streets, you have a feeling that at every corner, a different story will await you. Stories of fishermen returning from a difficult and perilous sea voyage to their long awaited families. Stories of merchants, coming back from their journey in Europe, bringing back wealth in money and knowledge.

Climbing the city’s hill, you can feel the vastness of the Corinthian Gulf facing persistently towards you and the serenity of the open and wide sea to nest inside you. The roughened waves hitting the rocks, are adding another striking touch to the already rugged landscape of the coast. Upon the first visit, the visitor will understand why this city has become a retreat for many artists, novelists etc.

The nature:

It is in these mountains (and the surrounding area outside Aigio) that lies the hidden treasure and the main source of income for the whole region for many centuries. The famous Corinthian black currant. Its exceptional taste accompanied with its beneficiary for health qualities, have transformed this dried grape into a driving lever of growth and prosperity, not only for Aigialeia but to the whole of Greece, especially at its early stage as a nation.

With greetings from the sunny Greece!

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