The Sea of Wine Project to promote wine tourism in the Black Sea Region

Hello everyone, we are Lara Sánchez and Diego Herrera and we are currently developing an IVY-project in Yerevan (Armenia). We are from Burgos and Bilbao, two Spanish cities.

In 2020 we were participating for a year in the European Solidarity Corps in Gagauzia (Moldova). There we discovered the history of an ex-Soviet country and how their people live nowadays. That is why we were interested in applying for the Interreg project on such an unknown side of the map.

It´s been almost 3 months now since we started our IVY experience in Yerevan. For 6 months we will be collaborating in ICARE, giving support in the communication plan, recording and editing videos, taking pictures, generating web content, and collaborating in the management of content on social networks.

The Sea of Wine Project aims to promote the positioning of the Black Sea region as an important wine tourism destination and help wine tourism stakeholders develop common approaches for the promotion of their travel products. This Project will create a consolidated wine route connecting Armenia, Georgia, Greece, and Ukraine. The Project management activities of the Project are performed by the lead applicant International Center for Agribussines Research and Education (ICARE).

The objectives are:

·Expand wine tourism engagement and experience opportunities in the Project partner countries.

·Enhancing capacities of tourism businesses in creating cross-border businesses opportunities.

·Create joint promotional tools for wine tourism for the Black Sea región and build customer confidence towards wine tourism products in región.

All in all, the desired result the project is about to achieve is as follows:

-to hold The Wines of the Black Sea event intended -to enhance the cross-border cooperation and positioning of the Black Sea region as a single wine tourism destination.

-to develop an ICT platform.

-to launch a one-of-a-kind Let’s Talk about Wine event series.

-to introduce the common label, The Black Sea Wine Glass Member will unite the countries and bring more recognition to the region as a wine tourism destination.

Volunteering for this project is allowing us to get to know more about cross-border cooperation, Armenian culture, and their social reality after the war. We are able to interact with locals, stakeholders, colleagues in English and Russian, which makes this experience especially multicultural, human, and true.

More info:

Diego Herrera & Lara Sánchez , IVY Project Partners at International Center for Research and Education - ICARE for the "The Sea of Wine" Interreg Project

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