The Interreg Med: making the Mediterranean an area of collaboration for sustainable development

Dear all, I am Lea Ferrandi, and I am pleased to write to you today to speak about my Interreg Volunteer experience. I have been volunteering in IVY since the very beginning of September. I left my beautiful Corsican Island to live in Marseille, where I am volunteering as a Interreg project partner for the organisation Plan Bleu.

Plan Bleu is among the associations designated as center for the regional activities of the Mediterranean Action Plan from the United Nations environment programme (UNEP). It was created in 1975 with the objective to facilitate the cooperation between activities aiming to protect the marine ecosystem and biodiversity. Plan Bleu also produces studies and prediction scenario to sensibilize stakeholders and policy makers in the Mediterranean area on environmental and sustainable development questions.

The different activities of Plan Bleu evolved with the evolution of the European cooperation. The Interreg projects, especially the Interreg Mediterranean and Interreg Marittimo, have sculpted the region within its cooperative projects. Among them, the creation of the Blue Growth Community under the Interreg Med, and which has lead the main stakeholders in the region to work conjointly. Being volunteer as a project partner in Plan Bleu introduced me quickly to the heart of the European cooperation in Mediterranean area. Being one of the main partners in the Blue Growth Community made Plan Bleu a key strategic stakeholder for questions regarding the Blue Economy, the sustainable development in the Mediterranean, and the protection of maritime ecosystems. As an IVY project partner, I am involved in subjects regarding the Blue Economy, maritime transports, and sustainable development. So far, I have been involved in the redaction of guidelines regarding sustainable transports and I participated to the activities of the Blue Growth Community.

This month spending in this association opened my mind to the plurality of stakeholders and actors of the Mediterranean area, French, Italian, Spanish, but also Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan… A plurality of actors induces a plurality of dialogues, of activities, of communication. Discovering the synergies in the Mediterranean area is an everyday rewarding experience.

Lea Ferrandi - IVY Project Parter at "Plan Bleu pour l’Environnement et le Développement en Méditerranée" for the Interreg project "Blue Growth Community"

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