The importance of cooperation between neighboring states

To be an Interreg Project Partner is like being introduced in a European “family” in which you are enabled to cultivate yourself in the light of the European common values of solidarity and co-operation. It is considered to be a great opportunity to find out how these values impact the interaction between the Member States in the way of shaping their common future through taking part in the cross-border cooperation projects in order to face similar challenges and take advantage of that collaboration.

As far as I am concerned, I participate in the implementation of the EnvironmentYou project, which is operated in the framework of the Bulgaria – Greece Interreg Program, and my host organization is the Euroregion Nestos-Mesta. As part of this voluntary experience, I have the opportunity to work with renowned colleagues who give me the right guidance and advice regarding the implementation of a European program, mutating on me the know-how of project management. In addition, they contribute to assist me on gaining work experience in my area of interest by helping me put into practice the theoretical academic background.

It is very positive that, although I participate as a volunteer, they give me the step for initiatives and generally motivate me to be active. More specifically, in this context, I actively participated in the organization of an educational trip that took place in the region of Drama, with the ultimate goal of meeting partners from Greece and Bulgaria to exchange best practices in the field of agri-food.

Through this conference, in which very interesting speeches were made, I realized in practice how important cooperation between neighboring states is to lay the groundwork for tackling vital social problems through the exchange of practices, ideas and promoting cooperation, communication and social inclusion.

Spyridoula Valasiadou - IVY Project Partner at Euroregion Nestos-Mesta for the EnvironmentYou project

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