The ice cave and the Queen of the Forest


My name is Karlo and I have been volunteering for IVY for the past month. The project my host organization is working on, in which I volunteer, is called Nature&Wildlife. Volunteering on this project allowed me to work remotely, that is, unlike working in the office of my host organization, I am in charge of activities in the area of ​​my local community, the municipality of Lokve.

The main goal of the Nature&Wildlife project is to actively preserve the common natural habitat of the mountainous areas of Croatia and Slovenia. In the area of ​​the cross-border Dinaric Alps, it is intended to develop an unusual tourist product that will enable visitors to see the untouched nature and wildlife. Volunteering on this project is extremely important to me, given that my hometown is also in the field of project implementation.

place with a very special landscape, located in a valley, surrounded by mountain peaks. In the area of ​​Lokve there are significant natural and cultural sights, such as Park Forest Golubinjak, Lokvarka Cave and of course the inevitable Youth Lake, which although artificial, is very impressive, the view of it amazes every visitor. In the area of ​​the Park Forest Golubinjak there is a large green glade intended for visitors' rest, which is surrounded by a coniferous forest that hides various attractions, one of which is a fir tree, called the Queen of the Forest, whose age is estimated at 250 years. It is known because of its great size of 35 m in height and 1.4 m in width. Walking along the forest path, you can also reach the Ice Cave, which is so named because of the snow and ice that could be found in it in the summer months. However, mentioning the caves, Lokve can certainly boast of the cave Lokvarka which is the deepest tourist speleological object in Croatia, consists of 6 different levels of which 4 are arranged for visitors at a depth of 75 m.

Because of my knowledge in this area, givin it is my birthplace, as well as the wider surroundings of the Gorski kotar region, I can personally contribute a lot to the implementation of this project. My current activities are mostly related to helping to create activities that will be included in the tourist product that is the goal of the project. I spend a lot of time in the field, in communication with the local population, institutions and small entrepreneurs exploring new opportunities and interesting content in the area of ​​Gorski Kotar. I believe that volunteering on this project will provide me a great life experience, and that along the way I will succeed with my efforts and commitment to raise the economy of my local community to a higher level.

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