The Forest Trail project: discovering nature and its values

Hi, my name is Elizabete. I am currently participating in a project - Baltic Forest Hiking. You can find our travel activities on the Instagram profile @meztaka, with lots of other useful information on

The Forest Trail passes through some of the most wooded areas of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and hikers get to see most of the forest habitats and different forest types of the Baltic States. The main goal is to create hiking routes that can be reached by hiking participants, as well as to provide information about possible services on the trail (accommodation, rest areas, shops, etc.) and attractions. Also, the route must be marked.

Our task is to mark trails, prepare information about multiple routes and promote the Forest Trail. Forest Trail is a great project because it is an opportunity to get to know more about nature and its values, to be more active and informed. It’s important to have a trail path that allows you to navigate where to go.

Elizabete Gapone, IVY Project Partner at "Latvian country tourism association Lauku Celotajs" for the Interreg project "The Forest Trail"

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