Sustainable tourism for the Mediterranean

Hi! My name is Paula, I come from Valencia (Spain) and, I am the new Interreg Volunteer at the IMC – CPMR.

I am a recent MA MIM (Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration) graduate from Ca’ Foscari University jointly with the University Paul-Valéry of Montpellier and in collaboration with the Université de Strasbourg, Sousse and Meknès. This Master’s Degree encloses a huge diversity of approaches in the frame of Sciences for Cooperation to Development within the Mediterranean Basin. Undoubtedly, I have always been passionate about the Mediterranean Sea itself and its exchanges in general. Thus, having the opportunity to collaborate and participate to shaping its future, it is a great pleasure for me.

As a European kid, I do believe that Europe -this ancient continent- needs a fresher skyline. A different melody able to sculpt new ways of interaction in all senses needs to be implemented. Furthermore, one of the main lessons of the current global pandemic context would be, in my opinion, that we need to redefine solid basis in order to include and reinforce Cooperation as key for a common Mediterranean strategy.

With these elements in mind, and thanks to the guidance and mentoring of a qualified professional as Claudia Guzzon, I am bringing my involvement in the implementation of inspiring projects like SMARTMED and BEST MED.

These two Interreg MED strategic projects enhancing Mediterranean governance tackle the sustainable tourism sector. Under the European Cooperation activity frame, they respond to the specific objective of supporting the process of strengthening and developing multilateral coordination frameworks in the Mediterranean for joint responses to common challenges.

Digitalisation and sustainability are indeed two main key aspects to be considered and further promoted for the future of tourism. Precisely, these two projects take these concrete elements already into account, thus, they seem to fit well in this context, contributing to a positive vision towards the future.

In order to reach these goals, I enforce the communication, transferring and capitalisation strategies of both projects. A month has passed since I joined the team and the experience, despite COVID-19 circumstances and related measures yet in force, is being really cheering and inspiring so far. I can’t wait to discover more about the Cohesion Policy implementation and dynamics towards local communities across the EU.

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