Social inclusion in the Mediterranean

My name is Vasilis Theodorou and I am currently an IVY volunteer at EUROTraining Educational Organisation, which is based in Athens Greece and is partner in the ENI CBC MED project MoreThanAJob (

A few words about me, I am 27 years old and I hold an International and European Law Bachelor’s Degree. In the past, I worked in several legal related jobs, such as in a legal office and at a bank's department focusing on legal cases. However due to my academic background, I have always wanted to be part of the European community and to make changes that matter, an example are activities and actions related to the well-being of others and more specifically the vulnerable groups of our society.

The IVY opportunity “came across” me about a month ago and it gave me the chance to become a part of a team with a transnational focus and European oriented goals. During my first days, I got the chance to know my fellow colleagues and mentors in the host organization, along with several partners and stakeholders that collaborate with us.

So far, I have undertaken many interesting tasks that allow me to not only practice my skills but to also gain new knowledge. Such an opportunity is fundamental for my future progress. Daily I undertake different tasks, which I find very interesting. The project MoreThanAJob, implemented int the Mediterranean Sea Basin area, has as a main goal to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups by taking into consideration Social and Solidarity Economy initiatives and practices. To achieve this, it is important to communicate with stakeholders from the Public Administration and the Social and Solidarity Economy sector, in order to engage them in activities that support the inclusion of the unemployed, the migrants and low skilled in the working environment and in the education system. My contribution so far is related to communication and networking activities with the various stakeholders, which will be selected to be further involved in the project.

To sum, shortly after the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and was difficult to find a job in those extraordinary circumstances. Consequently, such a situation led to job deficits, especially in the Mediterranean Sea Basin area. Throughout this project and by communicating with the different stakeholders, it was highlighted that it is important to formulate viable and innovative solutions to tackle this challenge.

Personally, I find the MoreThanAJob project as a way to achieve this. It can provide a great opportunity for analyzing useful information and adopting methods and tools which have already been proven successful in partner countries and aim in strengthening capacity building and employability. Finally, I am very glad that I got the opportunity to be an IVY volunteer and to be involved in the implementation of such an interesting project and to be placed in a supportive host organisation like EUROTraing.

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