SenHAR: Awareness campaigns for an Italian-Maltese harmonization for a good state of the environment

Hello everyone!

My name is Stefania, I hold a master’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Palermo.

A month ago I began my adventure as an IVY volunteer supporting the activities at the Interreg Italy-Malta Project SenHAR hosted by the Laboratory of Ecology at the University of Palermo.

SenHAR is at its first steps, and to follow its planning is very exciting! SenHAR it is a project based on the creation of cross-border awareness campaigns with the aim to increase awareness on the importance of biodiversity and its protection! To do it local scientists will use the knowledge and scientific evidence collected and resulting from the previous project Interreg Italy-Malta HARMONY, also led by the Laboratory of Ecology at the University of Palermo. The knowledge on local biodiversity status, threatening factors and actions, as well as conservation measures will be translated to citizens!

Through interactive activities planned in SenHAR citizens will learn by gaming with scientists!

I am helping in summarizing the scientific data relating to biodiversity collected in the previous project and to designing the various awareness campaigns. One will engage with fishermen, another with beaches another with art and recycling! In particular, I will focus on the awareness campaigns related to biodiversity associated with rocky habitats … crabs, molluscs and a rare tube mollusc in the Mediterranean Sea risking to disappear due to temperature increase an invasive alien bivalve (it sounds already super exciting to me).

I am very glad to be part of this challenging project that will allow me to grow scientifically by collaborating with various research institutes and stakeholders, but at the same time, I will share with the community my knowledge about the protection and management of biodiversity with the objectives of increase their sensitivity.

I thank IVY for the wonderful opportunity given to me to do what I love, to do science and I can't wait to continue this adventure and offer my contribution!


Stefania Scalici, Interreg Project Partner at SenHAR

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