SCALING UP for a prosperous future in the European Union

Last month, without a doubt, I began one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my life, both on a professional and humanitarian level. My name is Rosa Escamilla and I volunteer as an Interreg Project Partner at SCALE UP thanks to the IVY program.

As a young European, I believe that we are facing permanent challenges in which we must contribute all our knowledge and capabilities in order to advance in an area of ​​greater balance and freedoms, while we are consolidating our common European identity.

The IVY initiative has offered me a unique opportunity that entails developing my work and experience in fields related to regional economic development and social cohesion. Thanks to SCALE UP Project, I am personally contributing to the principles of cooperation across borders via a practical program of lifelong learning.

Our mission with SCALE UP is to contribute to European competitiveness and accelerate regional economic growth through the improvement of policy instruments linked to business growth and robustness, including specific measures and tools to support the capacity of SMEs to engage in regional, national and international markets.

From my position as Interreg Project Partner, I promote and work for the creation of a collaborative culture between technology, innovation, science and industrial companies among the regions that participate in the project: Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Nottingham.

I believe I have arrived at a key moment for the project! Until now, we have been fully involved in the whole interregional learning process through structured activities and continuous meetings. Together with entrepreneurship experts and professionals from these six EU regions, we have identified, exchanged and transferred good practices among regions for enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset. Then, I have proceeded to the dissemination of all the outputs of the project through articles, newsletters, and posts on social media.

Now we have moved on to the action plans phase where the lessons will be integrated into each regional policy program. I am looking forward to seeing the results in the short and long term!

In addition, I have had the chance to be part of the EU Industry Week during the last days of February, where we have organized the event “SCALING UP SMEs in the midst of Corona”. I actively contribute to the scouting and arrangement of this international event where we showcased the deep work that Interreg projects are doing for the benefit of small and medium-sized companies.

In this project I am surrounded by wonderful people, full of ideas and enthusiasts for the great future of Europe. We are a great team, where every one of us contributes towards the acceleration of European growth. I am delighted to be part of it!

I confirm that thanks to projects like SCALE UP, the European Union is moving together towards a better and more prosperous future. During this six months experience, I will continue doing my best for this great European Project. Let´s keep growing together from the most essential level of the UE, the interregional level!

Thank you!

Rosa Escamilla

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