Rediscovering Rijeka thanks to IVY

Hi, my name is Ivana, I am an art student from Croatia and I am an IVY volunteer in the framework of the project Inspiration under the Interreg program Slovenia-Croatia.

I am very excited that I joined to the IVY community by becoming an IVY volunteer. I was informed about this opportunity from a friend of mine that was previously my volunteering mentor on the Rijeka 2020 program. I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to join this amazing program. In this short time of being a part of it, I had so much amazing experience that's going to help me in my future work.

As I previously mentioned I'm in the last year of graduate study at the University of Rijeka in the field of Visual communication and graphic design. Being a part of the cultural project is really something that I was looking for. So far, I was participating in a few projects such as the Souvenir contest, a Tour of Rijeka, and so on. I got the chance to work in the field of graphic design by creating a visual for prises for viners of the souvenir contest. Taking a part in a Tour of Rijeka gives me totally different point of view, learning about the history of Rijeka about its sights especially from a cultural point of view. I was really impressed by how much amazing things happened here that had a global impact, not just regional.

Also, I got the chance to try and learn in the field of UX and UI by working on the layout and creating a design for a mobile application Outdoor escape room that's currently developing.

Besides working on a project, I've met a lot of different people with really creative and interesting ideas that would contribute to the development of the region and local communities. So far I decided to apply for a few interesting projects that are still in process of being approved for next year. Working with really creative people that wanna make changes inspires me so much. I can say that looking at them gives me the courage to try myself out in fields that I didn't think I will ever do.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

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