Raising awareness with simple language

Hello everyone, my name is Micol and I started the Interreg IVY program just over a month ago!

I am participating in a project that takes place in Palermo, my home town. Given the current pandemic situation, I thought INTERREG was a wonderful opportunity to be able to take part in a cooperative project without leaving my town.

I have always done volunteer work with people in marginalized conditions, such as migrant people or children, men and women in educational poverty. I often had the need to talk about topics such as climate change, respect for the environment and ecosystems. What I felt the need to do was to raise awareness among people to adopt sustainable behaviours, but without having real scientific knowledge and skills that would allow me to use the correct language and be incisive, and that's why the SenHAR project suited my case!

SenHAR is an Interreg Italy-Malta project, it is indeed a follow-up project based on the realization of awareness campaigns for the proper use of protected areas and about the importance of safeguarding marine biodiversity. SenHAR particularly aims to transfer the results obtained in HARMONY (a previous scientific project always led by the Laboratory of Ecology at the University of Palermo) and make them usable, bringing them to knowledge of end users. What I aim to do is therefore to be a connection between the territory and the results of the project so as to promote their dissemination.

I am currently participating in the “translation” a scientific article about marine resources in a context of climate change so that it can be understood by children. Transforming such technical language in an article for very young people is a great challenge! The final product of this work will be used in the next phase of the project: we will use it in the SenHAR awareness-raising activities.

I am very happy to be part of it and can't wait to see what happens next!

Micol, Project Partner with the SenHAR Interreg Project

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