QAES – Developing new standards for improving the indoor air quality of schools


I’m Balawal Sultan a student at the Free University of Bolzano in Italy, and I’ve been an IVY volunteer for about a month.

I, like many other people, went to school in order to acquire the knowledge necessary to do reasonably well in life, and the debt I owe to my school I can never fully repay, but, thanks to IVY and Eurac I’ve been given the opportunity to help improve school life for thousands of students, through the QAES project.

Students spend much of their time at school, and the air of schools affects their health and learning ability. The project aims to develop the technical culture for improving air quality (IAQ) in schools. It involves the development of technological solutions that have a low architectural impact and a methodological approach to classify, design, realise, measure and manage IAQ conditions.

The overall aim of the QAES project is to solve the problem of poor air quality in school buildings and in turn improving the health and learning capacity of students.

My main role in this project, being a Computer Science student, is to help research and develop an easy and simple to use online dashboard tool through which schools will be able to monitor and see the indoor air quality of their various rooms.

With the world situation being the way it is, and being a university student, this experience is proving to be a challenging one as most of the interactions with friends and colleagues are done in remote, but even if there are (and will be) many challenges to face, I am happy that I’ve been given the opportunity by IVY to put my skill to work in the QAES project and contributing to the very worthwhile Interreg Volunteer Youth project.

If you want a unique experience of personal growth and gain skills that can be employed in your future endeavours, please give being an IVY volunteer a chance, you won’t regret it.

Balawal Sultan, Interreg Project Partner at "Eurac Research" for the Interreg Project "Air Quality in School Buildings - QAES"

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