Innovation, sustainability and solidarity in the France (Channel) England Area

Hi everyone! I am Alessia Baratto, an Italian student of European and International studies at the University of Trento and I have started volunteering as IVY reporter for the Interreg VA France (Channel) England Programme in June.

I volunteer in the Communication Team, where I help to disseminate values and outputs of the Interreg FCE programme and its amazing cross-border projects. Innovation, sustainability and solidarity are key words and I am gradually learning how they apply to the Channel area. Indeed, I am discovering how the European Regional Development Fund is used in practice to improve the lives of citizens living in the FCE territory and to empower a wide range of actors active in the area.

Thanks to my IVY experience, I am enjoying the possibility to acquire a broad range of new skills, especially in the communication sector, and taking advantage of interesting courses provided by Interact to expand my competences. I am writing articles, creating infographics, discovering how to manage a website and newsletters, I’m doing policy research and many other different tasks will follow in the next times.

Due to the current pandemic, I am volunteering remotely from Italy and despite this, I received a very warm welcome! In the Interreg FCE team I am enjoying a wonderful virtual working environment, where I constantly interact with an international team, and where I have the chance to practice my language skills both in English and French. Everyone is happy to share their knowledge and their cultural background with me and to give useful advice, for which I am very grateful.

Moreover, I am sharing this Interreg experience with Laurence, a French IVY reporter and a fantastic working partner! We are definitely practicing our team working skills together and discovering much about each other’s culture.

Interested in EU funding programmes and sustainability, I am now aware of the crucial role that Interreg has in boosting innovative and sustainable ideas in Europe, and I am looking forward to knowing more in the coming months.

I am extremely grateful and excited about this experience within the Interreg FCE community and glad to have discovered Interreg Volunteer Youth opportunities! This is a unique chance, which I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in EU solidarity and cooperation.

Alessia Baratto – IVY Reporter at Interreg France (Channel) England

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