Promoting cooperation between Greece and Cyprus

Greetings friends, my name is Michael, I’m Greek and I have been an Interreg IVY reporter for almost a month and a half now. My IVY experience takes place in the vibrant and second-biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki.

I volunteer for the Interreg Greece-Cyprus programme. This specific programme aims to integrate all issues relating to the environment, either in terms of protection against risks or in terms of promotion of the natural and cultural heritage in Cyprus and Greece (Aegean islands and Crete). Some of our goals are:

  • Reduction of the environmental footprint from public transport to urban areas with significant gaseous pollution;

  • Improving the attractiveness of the areas of natural and cultural interest;

  • Enhance interoperability and maritime safety;

  • Enhancing extroversion of the media;

  • Improving Marine Spatial Planning and Coastal Zone Management;

  • Increase its savings energy in public buildings;

  • Improving the joint management of natural hazards, technological and humanitarian disasters;

  • Improving efficiency in use waste and water resources.

My tasks include the support of the Public Relations team, through monitoring various projects and their communication-PR campaigns, event management, administration and social media management. In general, my goal is to facilitate the workflow and to expand the visibility of the programme and its projects amongst the Greek and Cypriot public.

Please find below, as examples, two out of our many projects!


The project GO BRAND aims at the promotion, support and enhancement of the brand name of eligible products and / or services of Greece and Cyprus in the cross-border area.

(Melekouni of Rhodes)

For more information regarding the achievements/outputs of this project please click here

‘’ECORouTs’’ The aim of this project "ECORouTs" is to reduce CO2 emissions & other harmful gases, both for human health and for the natural environment & to promote actions that help reduce environmental risks from urban transport. Sub-objectives are to create incentives for the use of environmentally friendly urban transport, to enhance access to more user-friendly information services in order to increase the accessibility & attractiveness of areas & to create the right conditions for the adoption of e-mobility in both areas of the project as well as beyond it.

(Green line bus stops, Heraklion) (Electric vehicles delivered, Chania)

For more information regarding the achievements/outputs of this project please click here

My experience as an IVY volunteer has been very exciting so far. I have been taught about European cooperation and how much it’s required to, truly, bring change. Apart from the amazing and extremely beneficial projects that we embody, I have also managed to meet liked-minded people who share the same values and vision of the world.

Please feel free to follow the programme on our social media platforms.

Instagram: interreg_grcy

Youtube: Grinterreg


If you have any questions and/or doubts regarding my experience, do not hesitate to contact me personally at


Michail Manolikakis - IVY Reporter at the "Interreg Greece - Cyprus" Programme

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