Our support from home... now possible!

Just over a month has passed since the start of our experience as IVY. We are Francesca and Sara, two young, ambitious, recent graduates with a great desire to get involved in building a stronger EU.

When we had the opportunity to be useful for someone and/or something, we sent our application to the managing authority of the Interreg Italy Slovenia Programme. This is a very large programme, deeply rooted in the territories where we live, including the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, as well as the territory of neighbouring Slovenia.

We consider ourselves lucky to live in border territories, being able to observe the importance of territorial cooperation. Here, different cultures, traditions and languages coexist within the same territory. In this context, we have realised how important it is to network and be connected to each other. The current health situation has in fact inevitably influenced our experience, which for us this year will be remote. The same interconnectedness is also at the heart of our daily activities as IVY. After the Teams meeting in the morning, we continue to work together on activities, through folders and documents shared online, to take forward the communication strategies of the Programme. Our tasks are not only limited to this area, but sometimes extend to creating calls for tenders, publishing news on the official website of the Programme and organising contests of various kinds.

Once again, the cooperation between us IVY volunteers is crucial to ensure the quality of what we do. In conclusion, we realised that by committing ourselves to cooperate, collaborating and harmonising the work among us, our support, even if from home, is fundamental for the Programme's activities.

Francesca and Sara, IVY Reporter, Managing Authority - Interreg Italia-Slovenija

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