Online tool to assess agricultural SMEs environmental performance

My name is Myrto and I participate as an IVY at the Hellenic National Youth Council for the “EnvironmentYou” project, which is part of the Interreg European Territorial Cooperation Program "Greece-Bulgaria" 2014-2020.

The EU project "Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-run SMEs" with the acronym "EnvironmentYou" aims at planning a series of actions related to the protection of the environment, its preservation and restoration biodiversity, and soils, but also the promotion and support of functions and services provided by ecosystems, through green infrastructure and the protected network Natura2000 sites.

In this context, there’s a need for the development of an online tool for self-assessment of the environmental performance of the project’s target groups of the which are small and very small enterprises that are active in the agricultural sector and in the processing of agricultural products. The tool will be developed with the aim of informing / educating users about the significant environmental impact of their activity and on the other hand it will help the user in maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of the self-assessment of environmental performance and compliance with standards.

During my first weeks here, I am becoming part of the team which makes the analysis and design study for the online EMS compliance assistant, undertaking many tasks and already have good synergies. This makes me feel very productive and creative, but also it gives me the feeling of contributing and offering to the local society in my own way by using my skills and knowledge. I wish the following months will continue being as interesting and creative as now, getting involved more and more in the organization’s everyday life and getting the most of this experience as a volunteer.

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