My expirience with IVY ecological projects

Greetings, I want to introduce myself, I am Vláďa Patera and I am a volunteer in the REEgain project.

The main focus of the project are rare earth elements (REE) and their reuse. In achieving such a goal Czech and Austrian scientists use microorganisms like algae and bacteria. Both sides work hard on finding a way to get REEs out of water or electronic waste.

I study neither biology nor chemistry, I, however, am interested In ecology. This project is very much set on ecology, which is great. But what I like even more is that although I was not interested in biology at first, I quickly learnt a lot about microorganisms. I fell in love with the projects science site.

It is breathtaking to see nature, solve problems set upon it by mankind.

IVY gave me more chances to engage in ecological activities. I joined other volunteers, together we made a video with message for European youth. Video will be presented at the European Week of Regions and Cities workshop. It was great. I am very proud of my own work with video (adding it down). Meeting other volunteers was awesome, they are such lovely people and their projects are so interesting.

I am looking forward to seeing them again on the monthly calls. I can not wait for other opportunities that will IVY present to me.

Have a great day everybody.

Vladimír Patera, IVY Project Partner at "Institute of Microbiology, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic£ for the REEgain Interreg project

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