Making climate change visible in the alpine region

Hey there, my name is Katharina. I am a Student of Geography in Augsburg in Germany, and I am very happy to have the opportunity.

With my academic studies of Geography, I am already largely familiar with environmental topics especially with climate change, the big challenge of mankind in current times. In academic studies these topics are dealt with in a quite theoretical manner. So now, I want to take action by rising awareness of climate change and contributing to climate protection. That is exactly what the project KlimaAlps was established for. Since more than three months now, I am part of this project in the alpine cross border region of Germany and Austria.

The region of the Alps is particularly vulnerable to climate change, where the impact is already visible and further substantial consequences have to be expected. There has been plenty research on this topic in recent years in the alpine region. But still climate change is invisible to most people. The aim of KlimaAlps is to bridge exactly this gap and to show general public where climate change is happening. By making it visible, people should be encouraged to act against it. Therefore, a training to become a climate pedagogue is developed. Climate pedagogues function as a multiplicator that spread their gained knowledge about climate change to people in their region.

Since the whole area of the Alps is and will be affected by similar problems, international cross border cooperation is significant to jointly face the problems arising form climate change and find solutions. Therefore, within the project an international network over the alpine region will be established to strengthen the cooperation between different stakeholders of science, education, and politics.

The project is made up of seven different areas in which climate change is particularly dealt with, so called ClimateModuls, for example alpine forest in climate change or high mountains in climate change. I am mainly volunteering for the ClimateModul alpine grassland and agriculture in climate change, where I help to develop and design materials for the climate pedagogue training.

Furthermore, so called ClimateTopes are constructed, which are points or areas where climate change can be actively explored. I really enjoy the action days outside together with all those wonderful people of the project, helping altogether to build these ClimateTopes.

Within the project KlimaAlps I learn how important European cooperation is to face the serious challenges of our time. We can only tackle climate change together.

I am very happy, that thanks to IVY I can be part of it!

Katharina-Marlen Peuker, Interreg Project Partner at Bürgerstiftung Energiewende Oberland for KlimaAlps project.

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