ForHeritage project: promoting integrated heritage management

Cześć! Hello everybody!

My name is Ania, I’m a Polish student from Warsaw, capital city of Poland. I am just finishing my adventure at the University of Warsaw, where I am studying media marketing and American studies, and that is why this year I decided to start a new challenge - joining the IVY volunteering. For almost two months, I am carrying out my volunteer program within the Foundation for Landscape Protection, an organization focused on the projects in the field of protection and promotion of natural and cultural landscape of Poland and Europe.

More specifically, I am currently involved in the ForHeritage project, which promotes integrated heritage management engaging communities, mobilizing funding and developing capacities for enhanced protection and management of cultural heritage assets in central Europe. The main objective of the project is to increase the impact of results from previously funded projects in the field of cultural heritage management. As a result of the project 6 tools have been developed to assist in the management of cultural heritage. These tools have been translated into English and the languages of the partner countries involved in the project.

So far, my task has been not only to validate the tools but also to communicate them so that as many institutions as possible have access to the collected information and instructions on how to manage cultural heritage. Within the project I also managed the website and social media. Currently, my main task is to prepare a promotional video, which will include information about the partners, products and the course of the project.

I am very pleased to have started my IVY experience. I found it to be an incredibly useful experience especially at the beginning of building a career. I am also glad that I can test here the skills that I acquired during my studies such as: creating content for websites and social media, preparing scripts for short promotion films as well as processing and editing video and audio materials. Besides, I also use my language skills which was one of my goals.

Thanks to volunteering as IVY I also learned a lot of information both about different EU projects and about the structure of the European Union. I can highly recommend participating in such an experience to anyone who would like to try something completely new and test themselves in the face of new challenges.

Ania Kraszewska

P.S. Now the video is online:

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