For a better management of cultural heritage

Hello ! My name is Anna and I am the volunteer from Poland realizing the IVY in my home country.

In April 2021 I started my IVY project, volunteering for the Foundation for Landscape Protection, which is located in Jelenia Góra, a picturesque town in the area of the Karkonosze National Park. Despite the pandemic situation, you can volunteer remotely as an IVY thanks to the home office system of work. I perceive this solution as part of very flexible and adaptative approach, so precious in life general.

The Foundation for Landscape Protection is a non-governmental organisation targeted at protection of natural and cultural landscape of Poland and Europe. The main thematic areas entail cultural heritage, archaeological heritage, tourism, environment and renewable energies. Thanks to really broad scope of actions taken by organisation, I can participate in vividly interesting and various conferences next to my daily tasks, which involve the translation of documents and developing new graphic layout - also a great opportunity to practise my foreign language and MS Office skills.

In the recent days, I had the possibility to be a participant in the tremendously professionally organized and realized "SoPHIA Virtual Stakeholders Conference: Cultural Heritage - Rethinking Impact Assessments" as well as the great initiative of the Foundation - the wine workshops concerned on promoting the idea of wine routes as touristic attractions and one of cultural symbols of Pomeranian region.

I feel that every day I am more immersed in the whole project. For me partcipating in the project is like getting the knowledge about it step by step. I noticed in the very first day that management of cultural heritage is a complex process taking a lot of time and effort. The efficient communication and trusting each other is crucial for actions, which demand common work.

These days, I work on the six tools being the results of the previous projects realized in the last years. Thanks to it I have the possibility to get to know the details about the participatory governance and some tips how to involve the public, the innovative financial schemes for cultural heritage, the use of public-private cooperation, the organisation of the successful trainings, the pilot actions and the impact assessment of cultural heritage projects.

Personally, I think that there is a big need to promote the Interreg Projects and Programmes among the public. In my opinion the inclusion of IVY volunteers into the work of different types of organizations is a win-win situation, for an individual involved, an organisation and the public as well. The Interreg projects are made in a highly professional way, which is a huge advantage of it. However, on the other side, sometimes the language of the documents is very abstract and hard to handle. The communication barrier can easily occur. The IVY task is to improve the communication, add some fresh and informal approach, and at the same time improve the visibility of the projects. Working on the documents, I realized that having "friends of the project", stakeholders supporting the realization of it, is a key issue. So, I got understand that communication with the society is a precious value.

My first impressions are extremely positive and I think that being the IVY is a possibility to learn a lot in a very short time.

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