ENISIE: supporting micro, small and medium enterprises with a social vocation

Hello everyone! I’m Gaia, a 25-year-old Italian student, and I’m working as a volunteer in my home country, in an organization called Impact Hub Siracusa, which is a coworking place, a start-up incubator and a place in which everyone is involved in a lot of projects.

I’m taking part in a project promoted by Interreg called ENISIE, that supports micro-small and medium enterprises with a social vocation. The aim is to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth inside the enterprises and to support the employment in the cross-border area in those sectors in a positive social and environmental impact.

Within the ENISIE Program there are different tasks. I’m taking part in the WP7, which is Covid-related. The WP7 is intended to give immediate support to those organizations which have suffered the pandemic or were born during the virus spreading, especially in these sectors: health, food and tourism. It has been already created the “Help Desk” in the ENISIE website, in which companies can register in order to get support.

As a first step, I am doing some research in the health, food and tourism areas to explore new trends and how the world is moving in those sectors.

Since the place is a coworking place I had the chance to meet a lot of incredible people, most of them digital nomads. I am really fascinated to be around people from all over the world and with such a different background. Beside the coworkers, I am finding myself working in a challenging and inspiring place. The people who I work with at Impact Hub Siracusa are involved in a lot of project and I had the chance to be part of some of them.

So far, my journey in Interreg ENISIE has been really good and I really look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me. In the meanwhile, I took every opportunity I have to grow.

Gaia Burgio - IVY Project Partner at ImpactHub Siracusa, for the ENISIE Interreg Project

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