Cross-border cooperation for interreligious dialogue

Hello everybody,

My name is Lucia, I’m Italian, I come from a small region of central Italy called Molise. I’ve been volunteering at IVY for about a month.

Although my academic studies have taken me in a different direction, volunteering and social solidarity have always been part of my life. In everyday life, I am part of a group of young Catholics who lives by these values following the example of the one who first, in 1219, challenged the unarmed war to create a peaceful dialogue with the Islamic world: Francis of Assisi. That’s why I found answers in IVY and in the project I’m participating in.

The INTERFIDE project in which I am participating promotes interreligious dialogue with particular attention to cross-border religious tourism. The project aims to enhance this type of tourism and the tourist aspect of interreligious experiences in Italy, Albania, and Montenegro. This kind of purpose can only be achieved through cooperation between professionals and religious authorities. It’s fundamental to increase attention in sites of religious interest where this type of tourism is less structured than more famous places.

All this is achieved through an interesting activity of communication and dissemination that sees me deployed in the front line. To promote the project we take advantage the most common media, such as constantly updating the website, find a new and attractive way to publish content on social media, passing through the most traditional conferences in presence that, unfortunately, this period has not allowed us to live at best but that are slowly being restarted.

I think that any European guy should get involved and take advantage of this opportunity because it allows you to acquire and improve useful skills not only in professional life but especially in personal life. Becoming an IVY volunteer is giving me the opportunity to look beyond my region and to broaden my horizons.

I am glad that my volunteering contributes to the realization of a larger project like that of Interreg Volunteer Youth.

Lucia Cerrato, Interreg Project Partner at the European Economic Interest Grouping EuRelations for the project INTERFIDE-CRT

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