Cooperation & environmental protection - The way to go!

Volunteering and making a difference, while learning about international cooperation and environmental protection? Sign me up! 😊

Hello everyone, my name is Ana and I am volunteering as an Interreg Project Partner at the Central directorate for environmental protection, energy and sustainable development in Trieste, Italy. This opportunity proved to be perfect for me because I had wanted to do a volunteering experience for quite some time and I am also passionate about environmental protection and sustainability.

More specifically, I am volunteering within the framework of 3 Interreg projects: GPP-Stream, SECAP and MARLESS (under the scope of Interreg Europe, Interreg Italy-Slovenia and Interreg Italy-Croatia, respectively).

The aim of the GPP-Stream project is to create more opportunities for public authorities to stimulate eco-innovation and resource efficiency thought Green Public Procurement. SECAP aims to foster the sustainable development of the cross-border territory by promoting low-carbon strategies. The goal of the MARLESS project is to tackle the problem of marine litter in the Adriatic Sea, through monitoring, management, prevention and removal of the marine litter.

I am involved in facilitating communication between partners, media communication and events, implementing activities related to sustainable development goals and supporting the Office for EU programming and sustainable development in the implementation of the projects. So far, I am volunteering remotely.

Volunteering for GPP-Stream and SECAP made me realize how important it is for the project to reach all levels of cooperation: political, economic and adminstrative. Sharing best practices is possible if all the micro and macro levels are coordinated, especially the one regarding public authorities, which we often consider to be too bureaucratical and technical. However, it is extremely important.

Being involved in the MARLESS project made me appreciate the reach that a project has, particularly among local communities. We can tackle the environmental issues only if we become aware of them! This particular project will involve not only scientists and different technical personnel, but also beach concessionaries and schools, with various activities planned. This is quite encouraging, especially because being environmentally conscious is extremely important, especially for young people. We are surrounded by this magnificent sea in all its beauty, let’s try to preserve this beauty for the future generations!

In these times of many divisions in the word and in our societies, it is so refreshing to see partners from different countries cooperating in order to achieve common goals: collaborating on an international level and protecting the nature around us! This brings hope and faith into the idea of different nations working together, caring about the world around us and the generations to come.

I am so grateful for this opportunity! If you get the chance to volunteer and do something for any community, go for it! It is our small step in order to make the world a better place! 😊

Ana Stinčić, Interreg Project Partner at GPP-Stream, SECAP, MARLESS projects.

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