Collective action on environmental protection!

Hello everyone, it's Ana again!

Since my volunteering experience is (unfortunately) coming to an end, I decided to post some of the highlights of my experience and some of the most important activities I was part of. It will maybe inspire others to volunteer or just be an interesting read if you are interested in environmental protection.

As mentioned before, I am an Interreg Project Partner at the Central Directorate for environmental protection, energy and sustainable development (Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia) in Trieste, Italy. I assist in implementing activities related to sustainable development goals in the framework of three Interreg projects: MARLESS, SECAP and GPP-Stream.

One of the major activities that I was involved in was the organisation of the High level event in the framework of the MARLESS project. In June we managed to organise a successful event, with a considerable number of participants and speakers, including a European Commission representative, relevant policy members, members of ministries and universities, experts and the general public. The event, entitled "A clean Adriatic sea for future generations" was virtual, with the simultaneous translation available on the online platform. By raising citizens’ awareness and promoting international cooperation, the event aimed to share best practices, recognise the importance of the issue of marine litter in the Adriatic sea, as well as promote innovative solutions in joint efforts to address this phenomenon. Apart from MARLESS, other projects were presented as well. It was quite interesting to see a large group of people come together - from politicians and experts to the general public, with the common goal to discuss this environmental issue and try to tackle it as successfully as possible.

I also participated in the MARLESS project meetings, where I familiarized myself with the ins and outs of the project and was able to understand the whole picture, as well as the particular goals, activities or deliverables. Once again, it was quite motivational to see an international group of people working together in order to discuss the environmental problems present in our surroundings.

As MARLESS project was the one where I was involved the most, I was also part of the Technical group meetings. As the word says, those were quite technical, but nevertheless fascinating. From the standpoint of a non-expert, it was interesting to see how complex and interesting the environmental monitoring and protection are, as well as the measures we have to take in order to provide them.

During the meetings within the framework of the SECAP project, I was able to get to know the project a bit better and was involved in communication activities and managing documents.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my colleagues at the Central Directorate for environmental protection, energy and sustainable development for their (although remote, still generous and warm) hospitality. Even though the pandemic conditioned the way the experience was carried out, it was nevertheless an invaluable one and I learned a lot.

Although this opportunity is coming to an end, I will continue to work on the objectives and goals that I learned about during this period.

Much thanks to the IVY team as well for their support, responsiveness and positivity! They are an amazing group of people making amazing things happen and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity!

Ana Stinčić, Interreg Project Partner at GPP-Stream, SECAP, MARLESS projects.

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