Building a greener and smarter Mediterranean

I am Maria Garcies, I come from Mallorca and I am currently undertaking my Interreg Volunteer at the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

I support the CPMR Intermediterranean and Islands Commissions with a special focus on WINTER MED, DESTIMED PLUS, BLUE BIO MED and BLUE GROWTH COMMUNITY projects, which deal with sustainable tourism and blue growth in the Mediterranean region. More concretely, I support the team assisting the communication and capitalisation activities, but also following the overall implementation of the project activities.

Volunteering for these projects is allowing me to get to know better the architecture of the Interreg Med programme itself, as I am involved in 2 modular projects, a strategic project and a horizontal project, each one with its own particularities and objectives. Moreover, in the case of WINTER MED, a project that aims to promote all year-round tourism on Mediterranean islands, I can interact with my own region’s authorities -from the Balearics-, which makes me especially excited.

After all these years of academic training, this six-month experience will allow me to deepen my knowledge on the EU’s Cohesion Policy, the dynamics of territorial cooperation and, most of all, it will allow me to gain first-hand experience in EU project management. If there is one thing that is clear now it is that the future of our regions depends on a great extent on their capacity to cooperate and manage EU funds. Hence, getting a closer look into this world can be of priceless value.

As a Majorcan mass coastal tourism, insularity and sustainable growth are topics of major concern for me. I will make sure I take advantage of my time at the CPMR to defend the importance of territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean and, especially, among its islands. We are all peripheral island territories which share socio-economic, environmental and climate vulnerabilities. I firmly believe that gaining experience and knowledge through projects which build a greener and smarter Mediterranean is the best way for me to put into practice all these years of training to the benefit of my island and my region.

I am grateful to the IVY programme for giving me the opportunity to join the CPMR team, a renowned institution in its field of action!

Maria Garcies, Interreg Project Partner at BLUE GROWTH COMMUNITY, BLUE BIO MED, DestiMED+ and WINTERMED

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