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My name is Agamemnon Apladas and I am currently an IVY volunteer at the interregional program Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020 (working for the SMEInnoboost project)

I was born and raised in Crete which is the largest island of Greece. I am 25 years old and I have studied Computer Science in the Department of Informatics & Telecommunication, University of Athens. Due to my involvement as a volunteer from a young age, I found the IVY programme very promising. I got the chance to be part of this project in August. I feel very glad to actively participate in this EU initiative and get valuable experience as to how innovation supports business activity and development .

During the first days I got to know everyone in the host organization.The environment is ideal for productivity and they were all really helpful which helped me become part of the team pretty quickly. Until now we communicate constantly to resolve any issues that arise, to provide guidance when needed or just exchange thoughts on topics regarding the project. I have several tasks I need to accomplish and currently I contribute to the SME Innoboost website integration with the new website of the host organization.Due to my studies in informatics, not only I have the opportunity to help in this part, but also to become familiar with new tools and improve my digital skills. In addition, I got to know many interesting people, as the host organization is the Science and Technology Park of Crete where there are a lot of Innovative Enterprises and Institutes. STEP-C Pioneer in the field of innovation, helps me improve my knowledge with the best guidance.I feel productive at the office, having a positive environment and interesting tasks making my time here very fulfilling.

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