Apolide Festival: three days of art, nature, sports and accessibility

Hello everyone! I am Chiara and since June I am a volunteer at the Valli del Canavese LAG😊

My host organization is a Local Development Agency with the goal of promoting the Valli del Canavese rural and mountainous area, which is part of the Metropolitan city of Turin and stretches from the plains of the central Piedmont countryside to the Graian Alps, in the North-west of Piedmont, Italy. As an IVY volunteer, I am especially supporting the communication and organization of the initiatives that are linked to ExplorLab, an Interreg project of which the Valli del Canavese LAG is the lead partner.

ExplorLab is part of the PITER GRAIES Lab Integrated Territorial Plan, financed by the European cross-border cooperation program ALCOTRA 2014-2020. The project brings together six partners from the Italian regions of Piedmont and Aosta Valley and from the department of Savoy in France. Its overall objective is to foster a sustainable and inclusive tourism in the concerned areas by enhancing, implementing and innovating the existing realities through coordinated actions. Therefore, the project includes cross-border initiatives aiming to highlight the natural and cultural richness of these territories, as well as events to promote their gastronomic offer and traditions.

I decided to apply for this position after my master’s studies in International Cooperation, since it was for me a great opportunity to combine my interest in cooperation for the promotion of heritage with my love for nature and mountain places. Also, this experience is allowing me to discover the wonderful inner areas of the region I moved to three years ago!

The first event I attended as an IVY volunteer is Apolide, a well-known summer festival which took place from July 23rd to 25th 2021 in Pianezze di Vialfré. Located in the heart of the Canavese, on the top of one of the hills of the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheatre (among the most important sites of glacial origin in the world), this natural reserve is characterized by woods and equipped glades to hold events. For this reason, within the framework of the ExplorLab project, the Valli del Canavese LAG contributed to the organization of Apolide by financing several outdoor activities to promote the discovery of this area: e-bike rentals and tours, guided hikes along the trails of the Ivrea Morainic Amphitheatre and hot air balloon rides!

The festival hosted over fifty artists (among which singers, bands and performers of various types) on three different stages: the “Main Stage”, “Parade 78” for performative arts, and “Buskercase”, only dedicated to female songwriters. Moreover, there was an area for food services with typical dishes and wines furnished by local farms, but also with menus for vegetarian, vegan and celiac people.

As a matter of fact, a special attention was given to ensure that the festival was truly inclusive and accessible to everyone. In this regard, thanks to the collaboration between the Valli del Canavese LAG and CPD (an association for people in need), an interpreter was invited to perform two songs in the Italian Sign Language during the concert of the Italian singer Margherita Vicario. It was a very impressive moment, also because balloons were distributed to the public so that everyone could experience how deaf people feel the music through vibrations.

After months of isolation and closures, taking part to this event was a special opportunity to spend some time with other people, surrounded by nature and good music, always in the respect of the precautionary measures to contain the pandemic.

Enjoy some photos from Apolide Festival and see you soon with other ExplorLab events! 😊

Chiara Calabrese, Interreg Project Partner at the GAL VALLI DEL CANAVESE for ExplorLab Interreg Project.

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