Algae that help to recycle

Hello my name is Jirka, I am Czech and I am an IVY volunteer at the REEgain project in Třeboň, Czech Republic. What does the REEgain project mean? This is about recycling of precious metals used mainly in the electrical industry. These metals are quite limited in nature. Recycling takes place with the help of special algae, which are able to bind the mentioned precious metals and can be further separated from the algae and reused.

Scientists from the Algatech Centre, Institute of Microbiology, the Czech Academy of Sciences based in the South Bohemian town of Třeboň, are working on this project in collaboration with scientists from Austria. I find the whole project very interesting, because I think it is important to adapt to today. It is important to be able to connect different industries and use their strengths. So just like here, for example, that people involve cellular organisms in the electrical engineering industry, where you would think you would only find machines. Does it bother you how it all works? Follow us at our REEgain FB and Instagram profiles.

I am very excited to join the IVY community. I became an IVY volunteer, thanks to the fact that my brother, with whom I work on this project, told me about it. He learned about it from his friends. So what are we actually doing on the project? From the beginning, we learned interesting things that are around the project. We tried to understand how it works on a scientific basis. We talked to our mentor and she showed us how recycling takes place in practice. We took a lot of photos that we will add to social networks. And we are starting to negotiate places where we could talk about our project and thus bring it to the attention of more people. On the one hand, we are promoting a project that protects the natural environment and at the same time motivating other people to also contribute their activities to support projects to save our planet.

Participation in a project from the European Union was something unattainable for me. I always wanted to try something like that, but I was afraid I would never get a chance. I thought that I had to be very educated and have a high position first. Now I see that everyone can contribute to improving the world and respecting the environment. I am proud to be part of European society, I would like people to work together and make the world a nicer place. Everyone can help, just small steps, which then lead to something big.

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