Strengthening ties between Greece and Bulgaria

My name is Myrto Vergou and I am currently an IVY volunteer at the interregional program Interreg Greece- Bulgaria 2014-2020 regarding the project “Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-run SMEs”.

I come from Corfu, which is a Greek island in the Ionian sea and I am 28 years old. I used to work on the tourism sector but always wanted to be involved with my community and help make changes. I got the chance be a part of this project nearly a month ago, in July. I feel very glad to actively participate into this EU project and at the same time have the chance to make changes in my country.

During the first days I got to know everyone in the host organization and all the project partners. They were all really helpful which helped me feel a part of the team pretty quickly.

Until now we communicate constantly to resolve any issues arise, to provide guidance when needed or just exchange thoughts on topics regarding the project. I have several tasks I need to accomplish and currently I am doing a research on the existing situation in Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace regarding the agricultural sector.

This project has helped me so far to better understand the problems that my country is facing and what is causing them and coming up with solutions. Also I have learned a lot about the interregional relations of Greece and Bulgaria, our common interests and how we can help each other. I have a clear image now about our strengths and weaknesses and I hope that with my work I will inform and help other people to be more sensitive and to take action.

Also, I got to know many interesting people that really want to help preserving and saving the environment, workers in the agricultural sector that can contribute to a sustainable development and they are a true inspiration. Being a part of this project gave me the opportunity to strengthen my abilities and skills and taught me how to organize my actions systematically. I’m feel productive every day at the office, having a positive environment and interesting tasks that change from day to day making my time here more fascinating.

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