Border reopening between France and Germany

Hello everybody,

I started my volunteer mission in May at the Eurodistrict SaarMoselle in Saarbrücken, Germany. The Eurodistrict SaarMoselle deals with the interregional development between the region Saarland in Germany and Moselle in France. I quickly became part of the team and I attended important meetings.

The Eurodistrict SaarMoselle supports citizens projects. So we have a lot of different citizens projects who are cross-border. We help them with making contact with partners from the other side of the border. For example we support a youth service cooperative in Forbach, France. Our job was to find some German people who wanted to participate and find places where teens could offer services.

Also we organised a little event for the ending of the controls at the border between Germany and France. Because of the Corona Virus the borders were closed. In a cross-border region like Saarland and Moselle it was a big problem for the citizens. It was important for the Eurodistrict SaarMoselle to put down a marker for French-German Friendship, and at that event I took photographs (see pictures). Politicians have been making speeches on a bridge that connects two villages on both sides of each border. Then we had a little breakfast all together with specialists of each country and cakes with the flag of Germany, France and the European Union.

I attended important meetings like the one from the Interreg-Project Bi-Bus. It is a library bus which goes to French and German elementary schools. The facilitators read some stories to the children in the different language of the country and the children can borrow some books. It is a very nice project. The children hear the other language and may be more interested in learning French or German.

I really like my job at the Eurodistrict. I have a lot of work so I never get bored and I feel appreciated. I am also allowed to took photographs for Facebook and Instagram so if yuoi want you can follow us (@eurodistrict_saarmoselle). It is a whole different experience than the student jobs I have had before. I learnt a lot about the work of an Eurodistrict and the cross-border cooperation. I can use the skills I learned during my studies in this job. I’m very glad to have chosen to volunteer at the Eurodistrict this summer.

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