IVY in my home town

Hello! My name is Nikola and I am volunteering in Rijeka as IVY at the European Interreg Slovenia Croatia Programme.

I'm using the possibility of volunteering in my own home town because I think that is a good way to do something for my home town. I'm volunteering on Interreg project ˝Inspiracija˝, which main goal is the revitalization of industrial heritage. We already had an storytelling workshop where we brainstormed a lot of great ideas for outside escape experience.

Through the work regarding the project itself, i've met a lot of different people of which I have heard many interesting and innovative ideas for projects that would contribute to the development of our region, and almost all of these projects are co-financed by European Union funds.

Although I am technically volunteering on one project, I come into contact with, and participate in, other Interreg projects, so I am expanding my knowledge faster and in many different directions. I can already see the benefits of volunteering through IVY project and I'm recommending it to a lot of my colleagues from college.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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