Volunteering in Lithuania Countryside Tourism Association

Who am I? And why I chose this experience?

My name is Monika and in February I have started volunteering experience in Lithuania Countryside Tourism Association (LCTA). I chose to be a volunteer because my main purpose was to develop my communication skills and LCTA seem to be the perfect place for it. LCTA few main goals are:

  • To coordinate activities of the Association members in developing rural tourism in Lithuania,

  • To analyze the demand for rural tourism services within the country and abroad.

What did I do?

The first days our mentor introduced us to association and the project which they are implementing.

In the begging, we tried to organize several events (workshops and practical seminars). I really enjoyed organizational stuff but after the announced quarantine we started to work from home and needed to recall all the plans.

Association in the frame of the project agreed to make an interactive database of the production of local farmers and producers. My quarantine online work was to help with this task. I and my project coordinator Vilma discussed the strategy, what suppliers we want to include in this database, what information we should provide, and how to do it. After that, we started to communicate with our target group. The main thing was to introduce the project to them, to tell all the benefits they will gain if they will agree to join our database. We reached a lot of suppliers, made really warm contact with them and systemized a lot of information about their production. Of course, the task is not fully done, but I think, at the end, it will be a really good tool which will help to reach local providers easier and it will increase their sales.

Would I recommend volunteering? Sure, I would!

My host organization is really great it was easy to communicate with everyone. They were helpful and collaborative, so my tasks were really interesting and exciting for me. The quarantine situation made me look at the tasks from a different angle, I think the tasks during this period helped me to get to know myself better and develop new skills.

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