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Hi there. We are Alessandra and Marika, IVY Volunteers at Pino Pascali Foundation at charming city of Polignano a Mare, Italy for MONET project financed by Interreg Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme.

Let us briefly present you the project for which we are also giving our contribution. Project MONET is all about artistic cooperation and the creation of network among museums in Albania, Montenegro, Puglia and Molise Region with the objective to deliver new cultural and creative products, by valorizing cultural heritage through contemporary art. Project foresees many activities such as artistic laboratories, exchanges of artists for creation of museum merchandising products, organization of exhibitions, workshops for museum staff to increase capacities to successfully run museums, just to name few.

The first weeks of our volunteering experience were really intensive. The first days were all about getting to know each other. Firstly, we talked to our mentor in order to better analyze how our contribution and expectations could meet the project needs. Then, we got to know better the Museum space and daily activities, its lovely staff and most important the project and upcoming activities that Pino Pascali Foundation has to implement.

“Already a month has passed and seems like time flies so quickly. I am so happy to be part of this project, and I have only good memory to remember. Pino Pascali Foundation is a special place with a magical atmosphere full of very talented people. The experience is very interesting and it was very suggestive to be able to participate as a visitor to the exhibition of the artist Zhang Huan, winner of the award Pascali Pino this year.” – Alessandra

Since both of us wanted to learn more about organization of cultural events, we joined the team that was working on plan and methodology for short term exchanges of artists for creation of merchandising products. Thanks to this experience we got to learn more about different learning styles to deliver content; about what is considered merchandising product and why it is important that each museum develops its own collection of these products, as well as some more practical aspects for organization of such kind of exchanges, such as need to be careful that all the administrative documents are kept in order. Beside this, we also supported staff to identify the perfect accommodation to host artists from Molise Region, Albania and Montenegro as well as to plan local visits to regional museums involved in MONET network.

My volunteering experience has started very recently. Despite this, I can happily say that I really like the project and that I am really lucky to be part of a cultural reality that, in the course of my life, I had not yet had the opportunity to meet: the reality of a museum. The positive atmosphere inside the museum is guaranteed above all by the beautiful people who work there so that this cultural reality can grow more and more, people with whom I have the opportunity to confront, dialogue and collaborate.” - Marika.

Together with Communication manager, we initiated to work on development of our MONET promotional campaign to increase visibility of project and its opportunities among our peers. Unfortunately, the arrival and rapid spread of the Covid-19 in Italy and the need to contain the infection has led to the paralysis of all public and private activities, the obligation for citizens to strictly stay in their homes and the application of many restrictive rules for people. Pino Pascali Foundation was not an exception and our experience was suspended until some better days for cooperation will come.

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