Exploring the world of algae

Hi, my name is Tereza and I am a student at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Since end of January, I have been an IVY volunteer helping at Institute of Microbiology of Czech Academy of Science – Centre Algatech in Třeboň. I was thinking that it will be ok, that my study programme, especially theme of my bachelor thesis, and the REEgain project will be quite similar. I couldn´t be so wrong!

me working

On my first day, I absolved a guided tour through whole lab and met all my new colleagues. I was really surprised by two things: firstly, I was immediately considered as part of team and secondly, that atmosphere. This team of researchers aren´t only colleagues of friends, they seemed to me as being a family. I wasn´t feeling so pleasant and comfortable at any other lab I have ever visited.

Bioreactor with running experiment

I am helping with a running experiment. We were measuring growth speed of one algal species at different condition. Although I was doing something completely different than I am used to do, I am really enjoying gaining new skills and improving my ″scientific″ English in international research team.

In following, we are preparing our programme for Festival of science, which is going to take part first weekend in June at Prague expo. Concurrently we are planning some lectures for pupils at grammar, high and primary schools.

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