Big Data for tourism, natural heritage and innovation

Hi everyone !

I am Anna, from France, and I am currently an Interreg Volunteer Youth at the AVITeM (The Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories) in Marseille, France.

I have a bachelor in Geography and Planning, and before to pursue a master I wanted to have a work experience, linked to regions and cohesion policy. This is why I wished to be an IVY volunteer and so far I have learnt a lot !

I am involved in 2 Interreg projects, HERIT-DATA and ODEON, and punctually helping with a third Interreg project, TRIG-Eau.

Let me give you a quick idea of what I do !

HERIT-DATA is a project that aims to develop innovative solutions to better manage tourism flows impact on cultural and natural heritage sites through technologies and big data.

In this project I am mainly helping with communication : posting on social media about the project’s pilot sites and about news in the tourism sphere, writing e-flash,… I am also helping to do an animated video about the project, which is something totally new for me !

Open Data Days

ODEON aims to « improve the quality and access to open and big data published by public institutions within the framework of open government policies, and to support the growth and innovation of companies through open data use ».

Within the framework of this project, the AVITeM is organizing, in cooperation with Datactivist, events to raise awareness about data. In addition, 7 projects linked to the green economy and social innovation emerged during the first round of events and are now being followed up so they can continue to be developped thanks to data.

I am helping to organise these events. Last week, we organised the Open Data Days. Even though I helped on the event, I could also attend the workshops and learn a lot about data.

This is the thing I like most about my voluntering with IVY at the Avitem so far : it is giving me a great work experience, I am learning a lot of new things since I never worked in an office before, I have the opportunity to work in French and in English, and moreover I also have the opportunity to learn about new topics, like data, or to attend events organised by the Avitem whose topics deeply interests me. For instance, I took part of a zero waste organised by some of my colleagues at the AVITeM who work on the European project MED-InA.

I hope many people have a positive IVY experience like me ! If you are considering being part of IVY and have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me !

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