Recycling electrical waste using an algae

Hello, hello!

Greetings everybody! My name is Jan, I am from South Bohemia and I am 23 years old. I am with IVY for a second month. I am a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. I applied for a REE-gain project: Recycling of electrical waste using an algae to the Algatech microbiological institute on the outskirts of a beautiful Czech town Třeboň, which boasts the breeding of the legendary carp. I came to IVY for recommendations of another IVY member and I chose this project, because for me it´s interesting how my field of study and this project could be interrelated.

Project, where Czech and Austrian scientists works together, solves an interesting and current issue about rare metals - their recycling. There is only a limited amount of these metals in the world and without them many people would not have imagined life, because they are used in electronics. In this project recycling is done by using algae.

How can algae recycle metals? Red algae receive lunch in form of ground powder of electronic waste – luminophore and gradually absorb the rare metal elements of the powder. The result is biomass, which contains precisely these rare metals and can be used either as a fertilizer or by burning directly to obtain the metals themselves.

You can also take part in the recycling of these elements. How? It´s simple, just sort waste 😊.

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