Promoting joint natural heritage in the Dinaric Alps

It's been over a month since my IVY adventure began. As a nature lover, I volunteer on the project NATURE&WILDLIFE. It is INTERREG Slovenia – Hrvatska 2014-2020 project with focus on creating a tourist product for experiencing nature and wild animals in the cross-border areas of the Dinaric Alps. The area is an undivided forest on both sides of the border that is a part of the northern Dinarides. It is the only area in Europe where all three large predator species (bear, lynx and wolf) are still preserved. It is an important environmental and marketing advantage, which can be used in this cross-border cooperation.

First snow 2020 in Gorski kotar

The main project goal is active persistence of joint natural heritage in the project area. This will be achieved by means of sustainable tourism with enhancement of situation in participating heritage areas, increasing content attractiveness, encouragement of green economy and with raising awareness and knowledge of local SMEs and area inhabitants. The main direct effects of the project will be the design of new crossborder green products/programs, the increase of the number of people with enhanced competences and the encouragement of spending free time of areas and natural heritage points, included in the project.

I find this project very interesting because otherwise I come from Gorski Kotar, from the heart of Croatia. Although I come from the area (included in the project), I have not yet been able to discover all the natural beauty, so hope I will through this project. Till now, I participated in organizing workshop intended at touristic agencies, with the aim of presenting new tourism product Explore The Wondernature, designed for nature and active tourism enthusiasts. This eight-day arrangement combines the beauties of the Croatian Gorski Kotar and the Slovenian Green Karst through an interesting story about the wonders of the nature of the area. I met many people from Croatia and Slovenia at the workshop. Such INTERREG projects provide the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships. Otherwise, I work in a relaxed, creative atmosphere, with many young people. Fun fact: after many years, I met a high school friend and today we work together, in the same organization.

Nature&Wildlife workshop

Soon I will start working on creating an event for young people, where they will be able to find out more about INTERREG projects and about the IVY initiative.

That's it for now, Greetings from the European Capital of Culture 2020

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