Discovering Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth in Drama

Hello everyone!

My name is Katerina, I am 24 years old, I studied Economics in Democritus University of Komotini and I'm originally from Drama, a small town in Northern Greece.

Drama is located close to the Bulgarian borders and is known for its Christmas market and fun park (Oneiroupoli-The Dreamtown) that takes place here every December. Drama is also known for the excellent wines and marble production. Both economy sectors are closely connected to the rich natural environment of the area.

In Greece due to financial crisis, young people face important difficulties in finding a decent job in local enterprises; one that can provide you significant experience and give you the floor to try your innovative ideas. And then, here comes the IVY program! A program that considers our ideas, helps you communicate with people from around Europe, gives you the opportunity to get familiarized with other cultures and experience you in businesses world. This was an excellent reason for me to apply right away!

The IVY program that I take part in, for over a month now, is called EnviromentYou and aims in developing a model Environmental Management System for farmers at the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria. The project is focused in youth entrepreneurship/ farming that they tend to be more open and innovative in new technologies and sensitive in environmental preservation issues. Young famers take into consideration the preserve and protect of the environment through the economic development.

As an economist I understand the need to support enterpreneurship to target profitability. At the same time, as a young person I m also eco-conscious and I believe that those two factors can be merged. Located at the head quarters of Euroregion Nestos-Mesta in Drama and being part of the EnviromentYou IVY Interreg project, I‘m eager to learn and disseminate them vastly.

I’m more than grateful for the opportunity that I was given and I highly recommnded to other young people to join the Interreg Volunteering Youth program and grow professionally by helping others!

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