Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic-Ionian


My experience.

The project "QNeST- Quality Network on Sustainable Tourism" aims to volorise the common and quality features of the cultural, traditional and environmental heritage of the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Through the realization of a transnational model of participative interaction between private and public stakeholders such as local and traditional operators, tour in service providers, craftsmen, sectorial experts, local communities, institutions and cultural, social and environmental associations, the project will contribute to: improve and spread a common awareness on quality and sustainable tourism among different types of actors in Adriatic Ionian area; manage the local seasonality demand of tourism through the design and implementation of joint de-seasonal solutions; valorise the less well-known destinations through the fruition of new and updated routes between coastal areas and hinterland; facilitate the start-up and enhancement of tourist services through the promotion of joint marketing activities and the exchange of good practices at local and transnational levels.

In order to reach its objectives, QNeST project foresees the launch of an Adriatic-Ionian vision and strategy for the development of new quality tourist solutions, based on co-design processes between key-stakeholders at local and joint levels and on the capitalization of existing good practices related to the most interesting features of a sustainable tourism.

As volunteer I am trying to encourage my knowledge and to understand how policy makers and stakeholders should sustain a local development. It is an excellent opportunity for me to learn new methods and tools so to strengthening our local economy especially here in Xanthi - Prefecture of East Macedonia & Thrace, which is an area with many cross-border problems and difficulties and constantly called upon to solve.

So, through my involvement with this project and more generally, I would like to boost the entrepreneurship in the cross-border area as well as in enhancing tourist traffic in the border area.

Creating growth and new jobs by stimulating entrepreneurship and improving the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises to expand their activities beyond local markets.

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