Saving Food, saving our World


We are Sofia & Evi, two IVY volunteers participating in Social Plate, a project in the Central Market of Thessaloniki, Greece which aims to combat poverty and social exclusion as well as support social agencies with the same goals.

Let’s find out a little bit more about why and how social plate exists!

In the contemporary world of today, our society has to face a lot of issues in a multidimensional level. Social Plate focuses on tackling environmental and social issues by saving food. What does that mean practically?

Trying to reduce our ecological footprint towards a zero-waste policy and a more sustainable tomorrow we manage the fruits and vegetable which are not sold in the Central Market of Thessaloniki. The management process includes communication with the merchants, sorting of the fruits and vegetables which are comestibles, communication with the social agencies and distribution to a large member of social & civic society of the city which includes NGOs, informal groups, cooperatives etc. Social plate exists for almost two years and during this time more than 315 tons of food was saved.

Besides the project typicalities, we have the need to express our thoughts regarding our participation and the project’s impact through a brief chronicle-a typical day. We wake up early in the morning-a routine we were not exactly familiar with- and we go to Social Plate. Some days can be quiet while others are full of work and full of smiling people. A typical Friday means tons of fruits and vegetables which need sorting and afterwards distribution. Running around, trying to be as focused as possible in communication, in sorting, in everything but always with the support of our colleagues and our mentor, who create a safe environment in which we can express ourselves and help in our own way. At the end of the day, you cannot feel something rather than excitement and fulfilment. Why? Because you are part of something bigger, a project that promotes solidarity and promises a brighter future.

So, this is Social Plate and we ‘re really happy that we are a part of it!

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