Volunteer among Volunteers

“Being a volunteer! What a nice thing!”- someone can say, without thinking on what it really means to get in touch with experienced and long-time volunteers. How to "give a hand" to those who are already trying to make this planet a better place!? This was one of two question that sprang me into mind the first time I came across in a team of rescuers and researchers. It was at the first meeting of my IVY (Interreg Volunteer Youth) experience and I was there, standing by myself, listening the voices around me, with no answer, not yet...

Named Interreg-START (Smart Test for Alpine Rescue Technologies), it is just one of the Interregional initiatives made up by the “Union” all around the Europe to push cooperation up among borders countries. Where the appealing topic is by using technology to help mountain teams in their daily hard actives. It sounds good. Here comes the worse: to put these "serial helper" all together.

As regard on this, I early got it that there is no way to “reinventing the wheel” on your own! Have you got the picture? So, if you think it is an "amazing wheel" share your idea, let's learn from each other and turn all the efforts into a new challenge. No matter if those come up from different fields, habits and background

Then the second query came up, here it is: there something in common between rescuers and researcher? In other words, what have to do a skinny Ph.D scientist, who is still studying curved on his desk, whose back looks more and more like the Giacomo Leopardi’s one, with a big-beard alpine rescuer, who daily works with emergencies and have to run and fight against the time...? I know it’s a long one but, did you reply "nothing"? It is wrong! They are heroes and heroines, that use to "work in the shadows" either leaded by the same goal: to refine up the conditions of rescue, vouch for the best safety and stave accidents off, asap

This truth took me back to myself… I start to feel and think as them:

  • to go deeper in theirs issue and take care of their needs

  • to have the goal to "building a voice" ´for them, often too busy to think about the “form”

  • to dream that everything around you have an “ethical soul”, even this Technology, irreversibly overestimated!

So why not? Why don´t using a drone to bring a defibrillator or mixed it up with a thermal cam or seting-up a 3Dmap to watch out in a risk areas. Get to build bridge up and fall walls down. Stop thinking on a future far away from us: it is present, and it is here.

In the end I had realized that, I was exactly where I supposed to be. “Volunteer among volunteers” surrounded by Alps and human beings strong as mountains, fragile as everyone of us.

Dedicated to rescuers and researchers: heterozygous twins. Child of the same credo: "the re+search for life"

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