Cultivating Social Entrepreneurial Spirit in Drama

It has already passed a month and I have only good memories to remember. My experience at the Chamber is perfect and everything is going well as I expected.

As I also mentioned in our previous communication earlier this month, my experience was very interesting. The Chamber is currently active in many things and we all help in the implementation process.

In October 2019 the Chamber participated at the Info Day of project ‘’ReinForce Social Entrepreneurial Spirit through setting up Innovative Support Structures in the cross-border Territory’’ with the topic: Presentation and analysis of the new legislation on social economy and opportunities for cooperation and synergy within the Cross-border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020. The meeting took place in Haskovo on the 16th October 2019.

The conference focused on social economics, what is the purpose of activities but also social innovations that improve the quality of life of our society. References were made to the legislative framework of the social economy. Then they talked about social entrepreneurship that can be considered a new different type of business, that is an innovation process for social entrepreneurs. But also social enterprise and sensitive people generally referred to a wide range of organizations that exploit the business.

Speakers also referred to business measures for class A+ and general problems of different types of social enterprises. They finally summed up on the problems of the social entrepreneurs at the cross-border assembly, which I found very interesting. They highlighted the weaknesses and shortcomings we have in the field of education and training but also in the area of social policy and public-private partnership.

These projects give young people the opportunity to engage in solidarity and collaboration activities. For this reason it is also my goal to promote European territorial cooperation and to inform the local development.

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