My IVY in MACbioIDi

During my first month as an IVY volunteer, my role in the MACbioIDI project has been mainly developed within the communication area: publishing news of the events in which we participate and keeping all the social networks updated.

I had the opportunity to participate in the “MACARONIGHT”, which consisted of an event where several teams of researchers had a stand to show and explain to the general public what their projects were about. My role in this event was, together with a project researcher, to explain to the attendees the subprojects developed, their characteristics, what they are meant to, and their functionalities. An experience that I have enjoyed, since I learned a lot and helped me to understand the project even better.

To this day, volunteering is being very rewarding for me, since, in addition to learning a lot, I have met wonderful people from whom I also learn every day. In addition, I am very happy with my duties and my role. Thanks to the good work environment I have found it very easy to adapt and integrate into the work group, so I am very comfortable. I hope to continue learning a lot the time I have left as a volunteer in MACbioIDi and to be able to participate again in other volunteer programs.

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