It may sound like magic but it is science, guys!

My name is Markéta, I am from Czech Republic and I started my IVY volunteering experience at the beginning of June. My host organization is Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. I join the guys from Department of Biomechanics. This fellows are focused on research of mechanical properties of materials, most of the samples are used for medical and bioresearch purposes. They are developing the testing devices and that is something what I, student of technical university enjoy to play with.

Actually we are working on Czech-Austrian project ATCZ133 Kompetenzzentrum MechanoBiologie joining biomedical and technical research institutes and universities for investigation of healing processes using the stem cells. It may sound like magic but it really works and will be applied in clinic practise soon.

At the start I had some basic idea how it could work but I wasn't really sure. In early June guys takes me with on High-Resolution 3D X-ray Imaging Workshop and The second one was Youth Symposium on Experimental Solids Mechanics. Both events was organised by Department of Biomechanics. This symposium was determined for young researchers and engineers, PhD students and students dealing with subjects of experimental mechanics. I had the opportunity to participate as a listener and of course I help them with the organizing at the venue. I get there an inspiration what I want to try to do in near future not only in IVY range but as well as aim of my studies. I met many people from ATCZ133 as well as from other researcher from whole Europe. I have interesting talks about their works and great fun at the afterparties. Next time the YSESM conference will be organized in 2020 in Maribor (Slovenia) and I want to attend it as standard participant and present there my own results.

Back in the lab I'm working on a little bit of everything. Now we are working on new 3D microindenter to enlarge their collection of laboratory equipment and improve the ability to measure the mechanical properties of materials. It mainly involve design, construction works and coding of controlling procedures. I'm working on experimental testing of biomaterials as well. I'm learning how to use real CAD systems for desinging of mechanical parts and Matlab scripting for evaluation of measured data.

Before IVY I knew this guys a little bit from university where I study and I’m really happy to be part of this project. It’s much better and more fun than I’ve expected and the work I do improve my skills a lot and I can’t wait to gain new knowledge.

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