"Happy to spread something that makes the world a better place"

We are IVY volunteers for the 1 month already. The first experience was interesting and it was also a fun. Jana and me visited the research Centre Algatech, IMIC CAS, the place of our Interreg project REEgain. Our mentor Milada, took us on the lab tour and showed us everything. We also learned a lot of interesting things about algae and their use. The researchers there were very nice to us and treated us as new colleagues. As I have holidays now I spent in the Centre whole two weeks studying the world of science, trying a few things and seeing a lot (a lot indeed!) of interesting publications. I learned to work with the database of publications, which I arranged to the library. I was also interested in the lifestyle of scientists, how their daily life looks like. They are interesting people, they are not just crazy scientists who look into the microscope all the time, but they have their hobbies, do sports and keep a healthy life style. The whole stay was very inspiring. We just enjoy our IVY adventures and we are happy to spread something that makes the world a better place.

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